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Directory-services Administration


mod_gzip - serving compressed content by the Apache webserver


Setting up basic authentication to an Active Directory Server from Apple OSX - Login Authenticators
Research Systems Unix Group: radmind
Enabling LDAPv3 for OS X 10.2
O'Reilly Network: Open Directory and Active Directory, Part 1 [Aug. 05, 2003]
O'Reilly Network: Open Directory and Active Directory, Part 2 [Aug. 12, 2003]
O'Reilly Network: Open Directory and Active Directory, Part 3 [Aug. 26, 2003]
Mac OSX Basic Auth to Active Directory using LDAPv3 Articles: Active Directory Integration in Three Hours or Less Open Directory and Active Directory, Part 1 [Aug. 05, 2003]
Thursby Software: ADmitMac
Project Page: Variable Support for Static Mappings in Mac OS X LDAPv3 Plug-in


Vintela Authentication
Authenticating Windows 2000 users on a Linux Workstation
Kerberos Interoperability - Windows and Linux
pGina: Making the big boys play nice - Latest News
SecurityFocus HOME Infocus: Active Directory and Linux


Blackboard Support

CGI - a Perl5 CGI Library
Master CGI HTML Form Tutorial
Matt's Script Archive FormMail Readme


Central Queensland University - Rockhampton campus map
CQU User Search


FrontPage - The CVSNT Wiki
Concurrent Versions System - The open standard for version control
Visual Source Safe to CVS covertor


DNS Report
DNS Stuff: DNS tools, WHOIS, tracert, ping, and other network tools.
DNS & BIND Links & Docs
Verisign Countermeasures


SANS InfoSec Reading Room


exim Internet Mailer
Exim 4.x and Majordomo 1.94.5
Setting up Majordomo with Exim - SOPHIE
Exim Users Forums - How Internet Mail Works



OpenLDAP 2.1 Administrator's Guide

Schema Design

NSF Middleware Initiative: Metadirectory Practices for Enterprise Directories
PKI: eduPerson
Practices in Directory Groups

Solaris - The Solaris 8 / OpenLDAP Definitive Guide System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (DNS, NIS, and LDAP)
Automating LDAP Client Installations (On Solaris)
Solaris LDAP Capacity Planning and Performance Tuning
Securing LDAP Through TLS/SSL - A Cookbook (Solaris)
Understanding Solaris 9 Directory Services
Sun LDAP: Service Search Descriptors (SSDs) and Schema Mapping
Sun Blueprint: Directory Server Security Sun ONE Meta-Directory 5.1
Secure LDAP for Solaris

LDAPtoAD Books: LDAP and Metadirectory Architecture Books: Understanding and Deploying LDAP Directory Services (2nd Edition)
LDAP Links and Docs
DirectoryMark Benchmark Information
Replacing NIS with Kerberos and LDAP HOWTO
Deploying LDAP
Security with LDAP
LDAP Implementation HOWTO
LDAP auth info - Solaris, linux, Irix, Tru64
Configuring a Tru64 System to Use LDAP for User Auth Using Internet Express
OpenLDAP Server With Server Side SSL/TLS and Client Authentication
RE: mapping one search to another - Solaris ldapclient
Implementing LDAP in Solaris
Gentoo Linux Documentation -- Gentoo Guide to OpenLDAP Authentication
Re: Perl-LDAP Active Directory Password Woes
Using Net::LDAPS



The Linux Virtual Server Project - Linux Server Cluster
Ultra Monkey:
Keepalived for Linux - Linux High Availabilty
Linux-HA Project Web Site
Highly Available LDAP
Sys Admin Magazine
Open Cluster Framework
Apache failover with heartbeat and mon
Linux High Availability How-To for Mitel SME v5
Ultra Monkey: Topologies: Streamline High Availability and Load Balancing
Redhat + LVS notes
The C10K problem

Sistina - Global File System
Openfiler — Friendly enterprise storage management systems and solutions
Lustre Home
unofficial #fedora FAQ site
Fedora Wiki - Fedora Legacy
White Box Enterprise Linux
RPM index
Party Updates - Rebuilt Progeny packages for RH7.x, 8.x and 9


Integrating SpamAssassin with Mailman
Electronic Mailing Lists Majordomo to Mailman Migration Detail:703076 - Updated patch that allows posting authorization for members
Mailing List Member FAQ


Active Directory

The Ties that BIND - Using BIND Name Servers with Windows 2000
Configuring BIND to Support Active Directory -
232072 - Initiating Replication Between Active Directory Direct Replication Partners
263991 - How to Set a User's Password with Ldifde
320528 - How to Configure Active Directory to Allow Anonymous Queries
Configuring Anonymous Access to certain AD attributes
247078 - HOW TO: Enable Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Communication Over LDAP For Windows 2000 Domain Controllers


Resources - Exchange 2003 FAQ - Table of Contents
Configuring Windows 2000 Active Directory for Exchange 2000 Server
Imanami - Solutions for Exchange Directory Management


195507 - OL2000: Switching from One Installation Type to Another
Frequently Asked Questions for Microsoft Outlook
SpamAssassin for Outlook
GPGOE - GnuPG Outlook Express plug-in

Services for UNIX Home
Windows 2000 Active Directory Sizer Tool
Outlook Connector Project
Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003
UnixAndActiveDirectory - spack[dot]org
Using Active Directory to Authenticate Unix Users
Windows Resources for UNIX Professionals
263991 - How to Set a User's Password with Ldifde
Installers for GIMP for Windows
Sysinternals Freeware - home of KiXtart
Microsoft Distributed File System


Nagios Plugins
NSClient Official site


CGI Scripts and Perl Resources
Perl Monks - The Monastery Gates The Source for Perl
use Perl
Perl-LDAP Homepage
Real Men Don't Click -- Active Directory & Perl Building a Bridge to the Active Directory [Dec. 19, 2001]
Why it's stupid to `use a variable as a variable name' Database Programming with Perl [Oct. 23, 2003]
perl-ldap documentation


PHP Development
FAQTs - Knowledge Base - faqts : Computers : Programming : Languages : Php


Outlook-QuoteFix - Home
WinSCP - SFTP and SCP client for Windows
Moodle - Open Source LMS


Regular Expression HOWTO
Python Tutorial
Python Programming Language
Dive Into Python
How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python
Bruce Eckel's MindView, Inc: Thinking in Python
Python Quick Reference
Python 2.3.3 Documentation
Python for Programmers


HP StorageWorks Secure Path
IBM Redbook - SANs


Using Samba, 2nd Edition
Samba HOWTO Collection


Sun Managers Mailing List
Sun Visio stencils
Sun ONE Meta-Directory - Overview
Solaris Resource Management
Security Sun Blueprints Program and Sun Blueprints Online Magazine
Why LD_LIBRARY_PATH is bad Solaris PC NetLink 2.0 Collection
Dr. Jochen Keutel - pam_mkhomedir for Solaris
Sun Versus Linux: The x86 Smack-down -
Freeware for Solaris
Solaris Freeware - CSW - Community Software Packages for Solaris
Metadirectory Sun One Forum
Solaris - Tuning Your TCP/IP Stack
BigAdmin Solaris Collection
Sun Microsystems - BigAdmin: Solaris OE Guide for New System Administrators
2 Solaris
Hardware Diagnostics for Sun Systems: A Toolkit for System Administrators
Solaris 2 FAQ
Device Mapping on Sun Servers: A Quick Guide
SSA helpful hints
Everything Solaris
High Availability: Configuring Boot, Root and Swap
BigAdmin Feature Article: LittleAdmin for New Solaris SysAdmins
Sun Live Upgrades
Solaris Developer Connection - Migration from Linux to the Solaris Operating Environment (SPARC or x86)
Solaris on Intel - x86 FAQ
Solaris 10 - Whats coming up
Mirroring Disks with Solstice DiskSuite


Nuclear Elephant: DSPAM
The CRM114 Discriminator - The Controllable Regex Mutilator
Bogofilter Home Page


OpenSSH1,OpenSSH2 and Public Key Authentication on Linux Cygwin - SSHD Setup


Certificate Authority

OpenCA PKI Development Project
The Open-source PKI Book

OpenSSL Certificate Cookbook
Certificate Management with OpenSSL - General Stuff
Eric Longman: Self-Signed IIS Certificates using OpenSSL


HP Services - Software Patches
IT resource center forums - Nothing runs faster than Tru64 on Alpha!
Tru64 UNIX software
Advanced Server for UNIX online documentation
AdvFS Quick Reference
Cluster Administration - Tru64 5.1B
Tru64 OpenLDAP Directory Server
Tru64 UNIX Version 5.1B docs
Tru64 UNIX Version 5.1B system & network management documentation
TruCluster Server online documentation
SUMMARY: Defunct Processes
Tuning Tru64 UNIX for Internet Servers


Certificate Management and Installation with OpenSSL
MIT OpenCourseWare | OCW Home ( AIX, FreeBSD, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris & Tru64 )
The Twelve Networking Truths
SMTP+SPF: Senders Permitted From
Linux Ext2 filesystem for Windows NT and Windows 9x driver
CAcert Inc: The Free Community Digital Certificate Authority
Linux PAM source
RAID: An In-Depth Guide To RAID Technology - SLCentral
Working more productively with bash 2.x


SSA helpful hints
Solaris volume management
Sun and VERITAS Technical Resources for System Administrators
VERITAS Software Technical Services
VERITAS Cluster Server FAQ
Veritas Cluster Server on Solaris
cuddletech veritas kickstart: veritas vxvm tutorials

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