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Welcome to PalmPilotGear H.Q.!
Calvin's PalmPilot FAQ - Main Page
PalmCentral.Com: The Internet's Largest Collection of Software and Information for Palm III, PalmPilot, Pilot, Workpad and pdQ
PalmLIFE - Palm Chat
Welcome to PalmPilotGear H.Q.!
PPP - Peter's Pilot Pages - we find the apps that suck so you don't have to.
Showtimes - Movie showtimes for the Palm Connected Organizer
PalmCentral.Com: PalmPilot WebRing
The Pickled PalmPilot - The Latest PalmPilot and Palm III Applications - Freeware, Shareware, & Commercial
"Speaking At The Conference of Australian Linux Users"
Welcome to IS/Complete, Inc.
Index of /redhat-rawhide/powertools/pilot
PalmLIFE - #palmchat Contest
Pro-Techniq Intl. - Palm Pilot and Palm III Accessories
Zetetic Enterprises - Products
Palm Programming: The Developer's Guide - Table of Contents
Development Documentation
Showtimes - Movie showtimes for the Palm Connected Organizer
Pen Computing Magazine: Handspring Visor
The Gadgeteer - Home


Metropolitan Computer Traders, Pty Ltd
Concorde Computers
EYO Technologies Pty Ltd (Frank's Compware) Home Page
Mike Hedley Cables
First Technology Co Pty Ltd
RAIDZONE - High performance disk arrays using Ultra ATA disks.
Ace's Hardware
AKA Index page
Welcome to [ Review Index: AOpen AX6B]
AOpen AX6BC (Type R) Review @
Abit BX6 Revision 2 review Technical Support- Drivers- BIOS- Pentium


Pete Garriga's Beyond ...The Black Stump
Black Stump
WorldPages Email Find
Web Wombat Australian Search Engine
Yahoo! Australia & NZ
Geko Search Engine
The Australian Yellow Pages® site - Quick Search
Define the ANZWERS you want!
Beyond ....The Black Stump
Infoseek Ultraseek
Infoseek Guide
AltaVista: Main Page - AU mirror
AltaVista: Main Page
Welcome to Lycos
SHAREWARE.COM -- the way to find shareware on the Internet
Deja News - The Source for Internet Newsgroups!
Australian Internet Directories - Home Page


Helen: Sweetheart of the Internet
Network Week
Sysadmin Price List
Sysadmin songs
a.s.r man pages
The Ten Commandments for C Programmers (Annotated Edition)
The BOFH Newsgroups File
Simon's Stuff
Unix wizard
Alt.sysadmin.recovery FAQ
The Dilbert Zone
The Bastard Operator From Hell
Unix Haters Handbook
OSI Seven 7 layer model (OSI 7498)
The Silicon Valley Tarot
The Net Wars Trilogy
The Quotable Homer
Get a Cable Modem....Go to Jail
Things that geeks should know about the Real World


Interix Home Page
Citrix Thin-Client/Server Computing
Cetus Technology, Australia - Computer Hardware, CD-ROM & Books
McGills Books - Outside on the pavement ...
Network Appliance - NetCache Datasheet
Australia's Computer Hardware Pricewatch
Welcome to ADE Network Technology
Welcome to Frank's Compware
Welcome to Cyrix Online
Welcome to Gateway 2000 USA
Welcome to
Free Stuff from MicroImages
StarNet Communications Corporation
Secure Networks Incorporated
Trusted Information Systems
AltaVista MarketSpace
Welcome to the Aventail Corporation
Obtuse Systems Corporation
Data Fellows World-Wide Web Server
Sirrus Internet Solutions
WebTrack(tm) from Secure Computing - Controlling and Tracking the Web
Welcome to Intel
McGills Books - Outside on the pavement ...
Seagate Service & Support
Q u a n t u m : Capacity for the Extraordinary
Ultra Spec Cables Inc.
Cisco Connection Online
Morning Star Technologies
Iomega Home Page
Sun Microsystems
Welcome to Corel
Corel Beta Programs
Apache HTTP Server Project
Berkeley Software Design, Inc: Home Page
NetCraft Australia - The Linux Specialists
Queensland Connectors & Cables



Michael Holve - Everything Linux!
Linux Enterprise Computing


Linux Weekly News
Linux Today: Top
Welcome to LinuxWorld

ICQ for Linux
Linux Cartoons
Linux/MIPS DECStation Home Page
Linux System Hardware Monitoring
Linux Cyrix/IBM 6x86 mini-HOWTO: The 6x86 hidden CLI bug
Cutting Edge Linux
iX: Linux für Nintendo 64

The Halloween Documents


Linux Enterprise Computing
Everything Linux!
Linux Web Watcher
Game Tome News
The Linux Game Tome
ERAU Linux Site
Linux Applications and Utilities Page (v.1/27)
Linux Resources(TM)
Linux Mama
Linux Life
Linux Mama
Linux NOW!
Linux Applications and Utilities Page (v.8/12)
The Linux Configuration Page
The Web Wanderer's List of Linux and UNIX Resources
Yggdrasil Experimental "Ground Zero" FTP repository home page
Linux Applications - If you can't find it here, you won't find it anywhere !


The SIG11 problem
Linux Compaq Deskpro XL HOWTO
The Open Hardware Certification Program
The Stone SouperComputer - ORNL's First Beowulf-Style Parallel Computer
3Dfx Banshee under Linux
Multiple Linux ethercard HowTo, v2.00
Linux and the PCI Ethernet Chips
Linux Network Drivers
Linux on Laptops
SANE Home Page
Linux-Tulip Information


GGI Project Homepage
Linux-MM; main page.
NTFS for Linux (Alpha)
Etherboot home page
Linux FAT32 Support
Linux Network Drivers
Linux and 3Com 3c59* Vortex Ethercards
e2compr: Transparent Compression in ext2fs
Linux FAT32 Support
Linux IP Masquerade Resource
Linux and the DEC "Tulip" Chip
Linux IP Masquerading Page
Linux SMP
Colas Nahaboo X mouse wheel scroll page


Beowulf Project at CESDIS
The Linux FreeS/WAN Project
Real-Time Linux

RedHat Linux User's FAQ
Red Hat: Dev

LUnix Homepage
Debian GNU/Linux - Developer's Corner
Stampede Linux Home
Linux for DECstations
The Beowulf Project
Linux/Microcontroller Home Page
Linux Router Project
Debian Weekly News - Index
RE: [LRP] How-to build LRP on an i386-based PC
Linux/Microcontroller Home Page - Updated March 31 1999


The Last Dinosaur and the Tarpits of Doom
Linux Banners
Linux Trademark dispute resolved, Linus Torvalds is owner!
[Linux Manifesto]
Benchmark Linux vs. Solaris
Linux Helps Bring <I>Titanic</I> to Life
Linux lines up for the enterprise - SunWorld - January 1998
The UNIX versus NT Organization
The Xunil Pages: Operating Systems Comparison Chart
Red Hat Explains It All...
Sizing the Linux Market
Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 versus UNIX
Linux Advocacy mini-HOWTO
Freely Redistributable Software in Business


Setting Up a SPARCstation
SPARC-Linux Xterminal README
Sparc-Linux Info


UDB Red Hat Load Instructions, Inc.
Universal Desktop Box Jumper Settings
Running Linux on Digital Alpha UDB Systems
Linux/Alpha Home Page


Linux v2 Information HQ
Bleeding Edge Linux
Software Victims of the 1.3 Kernel Development
Linux v2 Information


John's Linux Page
3rd Annual Linux Expo
Red Hat Software
The Linux/m68k Home Pages
Welcome to the Linux Home Page
Linux Documentation Project
Linux Internet Support Cooperative
Welcome to Linux International


Welcome to LinuxFocus
Linux News
Linux Weekly News
Linux Gazette Index Page
Linux Gazette Front Page
Linux Journal
Kernel Traffic


X/OS - Linux IP firewall and accounting
Linux firewall facilities for kernel-level packet screening
Secure Linux
Securing RedHat 5.X
The Linux Security Home Page.
Linux Security
Orange Linux
Secure Linux
Linux Security WWW
Linux Security WWW
LASG - Table of contents

Remote Control of UNIX Netscape
Debian Weekly News - 5 to 11 Jan 1999
SLUG talk: Setting up a diskless Linux system
Dark Rain: Empowering New Users
Installing netatalk with Linux
Linux System Administrator's Guide 0.3
Linux Services for Macintosh and Windows Users
The Linux Explorer Pages
JPEG image 1600x1200 pixels
The $49.95 NC - NC World - August 1997
iX: Linux für Nintendo 64
Generations - Linux: Networking Softwares
FTP Directory:
Index of /mail_archives/server-linux
TuneLinux.COM - for all your optimisation needs
Linuxconf home
Kernel Newsflash
Obtaining XAnim
[fm] ipac
Sybase's SQL Anywhere Studio for Linux Beta Program
ntop - network top
Colas Nahaboo X mouse wheel scroll page
NFSv3 Support for Linux
High Performance Cluster Computing Resources/Book


Virtually UN*X!
Linux, NetBSD and FreeBSD Resources in Australia
The NetBSD Project
Welcome to
UAH/CS UNIX Tutorial
UNIXhelp for users
Unix Tutorial
Minix 1.7.4
Tony's Unix Administrators Home Page
Jeff's Unix Vault
Unix Guru Universe
Unix System Administrator's Resource Center
Daemon News 199907

Apple Macs

How to setup the printer using AppleTalk
Welcome to the Mac OS!
Linux Netatalk
Ghostscript/Netatalk HOWTO
Parallel attaching LaserWriter Pro 600/630
Resources for NetOps/ISPs
AppleTalk Packages
Anders: Netatalk: Linux Netatalk-HOWTO

Sysadmin Stuff


SAGE-AU: The System Administrators Guild of Australia
<h1>SAGE Conference 1999</h1>
USENIX Association - Home Page


When disaster hits will you be ready? - SunWorld - May 1998
The new Unix alters NT's orbit - NC World - April 1998
Getting started with Python - SunWorld - February 1998
Choosing a scripting language - SunWorld - October 1997

Distributed Admin

CiscoPrint & DNS
Cfengine and rsync


OpenSSL: Documents, Misc
SSLeay: SSLeay and SSLapps FAQ
CryptSoft Pty Ltd
Security and Encryption Links


Duh-2000 - The Contest
Dangerous Dates For Software Applications


PerLDAP: Source Code Release
OpenLDAP, Title


RFC 1876 Resources: Making Maps from LOC Records
Dhcp & DNS
DNS Tools by Paul Balyoz
Securing DNS
Java DNS
DNS Magic
Setting up a basic DNS server for a domain
dns Frequency Asked Questions
DNS resources directory
ISC BIND - Berkeley Internet Name Domain
DNS LOC: Geo-enabling the Domain Name System
BIND Version 8 Online Documentation
BIND Version 8.2 Online Documentation
The Public DNS Service


Arjan de Vet's Squid Page
Arjan de Vet's Squid Page
Squid ACL Proxy Authentication with External Programs
SQUID Frequently Asked Questions
Cache Now!
Caching Tutorial for Web Authors and Webmasters
Squirm - A redirector for Squid
NetCache Architecture and Deployment [TR3029]
Calamaris Home Page


Cable Wireing
Wiring Tutorial for 10BaseT Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP)
EasyConnection Pin Outs and Wiring Diagrams
Network Interface Card settings info page
RS-232 Pinouts
Netcomm Modem Manuals
Asus Product Info for P/I-P65UP5
BayStack 303/304 Ad
Modem Problems
Cable Wireing
Wiring Tutorial for 10BaseT Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP)
Peter den Haan's EIDE storage page
RAID-1, 4, 5 drivers for Linux
RAID Solutions for Linux
Tweakit Hardware Reference Site
Spread Spectrum Scene Online -- We Solve Wireless Problems! -- The SS Information Source! The CDMA / Wireless / PCS / Advanced Digital Communications Internet Magazine -- SS Secrets, SS Resources, SS Tutorials, FREE Software & LINKS to Technical WEB Sites -- Also Home of RF/SS Consulting -- World Leader in RF and SS Equipment Development.
Strategic Profile - Demystifying Tape Reliability
PC-Clone UNIX Hardware Buyer's Guide
Spumador's HW Page
System Optimization - PC Hardware and Performance Guide!
Cisco - Password Recovery Techniques
Year 2000 Desktop Computer Test and Audit Tools
Colas Nahaboo X mouse wheel scroll page

Virtual Web

Virtual Hosting
Two Servers, One Interface
Virtually Static IP



Linux IP Masquerading (1997)
Port Forwarding
FTP Directory:


IP Subnetting
Annex Class C Supernet Support
Subnet Addressing
IP Subnetting Tutorial
Cisco - IP Subnet Calculation & Design

Computer Naming Themes
Daryl's TCP/IP Primer
Lesson 12: Extending the IP Addressing Scheme
Load Balancing Your Web Site (Web Techniques Magazine, May 1998)
Linux PPTP Masquerading Page
What firewalls can (and can't) do for you - Netscape Enterprise Developer - February 1998
Netcraft Web Server Survey
PC Networking: Software
NEI Networking References
The PC-Mac TCP/IP & NFS FAQ list by Rawn Shah
IP Networking References
HTML, Java, &LinuX in the BaSeMENt
Local Area Networks



Mutt mailreader
The Mutt E-Mail Client


The IMAP Connection
IMAP Protocol Web Resources


QMAIL 1.01 unified Anti-UCE/Mailbombing patch
Qmail FAQ
Qmail rewrite patch
Index of /~c948374/qmail

Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Software:Internet:Electronic Mail:Sendmail
sendmail inc. - welcome!!
Anti-Spam Provisions in Sendmail 8.8
Using regular expressions in map-regex
comp.mail.sendmail FAQ
Using check_* in sendmail 8.8
Hints about sendmail/e-mail
Harker's sendmail Tips, and Tricks
Harker Systems - Sendmail Information Page
Sendmail Home Page
Allowing controlled SMTP relaying in Sendmail 8.9
Table of Contents
Adding Rules To Any Ruleset When Using M4
Limiting Maximum Message Size For Selected Users


Majordomo Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
MajorCool: A Web Interface To Majordomo
The LWGate Home Page
MailServ mailing list gateway
Majordomo for Subscribers
Home Page
Devoto: How to use Mail Server with Majordomo
Majordomo List Owner's Guide
FTP Directory:
Jason's Majordomo Page


Netizens Against Gratuitious Spamming (Fight Junk Email)
Spam Tracking Page
MAPS TSI: Anti-Relay: Is My Mailer Vulnerable?
Kai's SpamShield (tm)
Anti-Spam Campaign
How to Complain About Spam, or, Put a Spammer in the Slammer
MAPS Realtime Blackhole List
The Anti-UMail FAQ
Controlling unsolicited bulk e-mail - SunWorld - August 1997
Netizens Against Gratuitious Spamming (Fight Junk Email)
smap enhancements
Index of /~mjp/
Blocking Email
Procmail Spam Filter: "The Spam Bouncer"
smap enhancements
Blocking mailed spam
Blacklist of Internet Advertisers
Rogue sites
AOL PreferredMail(tm) List
E-Mail Bombs and Journalists
E-Mail Spamming
JavaScript MailBomber!
-= Bronc Busters Evil E-mail page =-
Blocking mailed spam
Fight Junk Mail!
Fight Spam on the Internet!
Help! I've been Spammed! What do I do?
How to Complain About Spam, or, Put a Spammer in the Slammer

Mailbox Formats
Infinite Ink's Processing Mail with Procmail
Mailing Lists, Majordomo, and LISTSERV
Wietse's VMail Project
The Petidomo Mailing List Processor and Manager
comp.mail.smail Frequently-Asked Questions
LISTSERV -- The mailing list management classic
The Fetchmail FAQ
exim Internet Mailer
Links to e-mail related sources
How do I transfer Mail Server and its accounts from one machine to another?
Procmail module description

The Linux Internet Server Administration Guide Project - Fri Nov 6 00:33:58 1998
Expect - Expect - Home Page
Linux-PAM modules etc. page
Internet Traffic Report
MicroWeb ISP page
External Fun things to do with MRTG
Secure Transaction Server
Radiator Radius Server
Coda developments - Mozilla information server More eggs!
Tape parameters program.
Fibre Channel Association
V.90 Modem Standard
Cat's-Eye Technologies: Funge
Linas VEPSTAS Home Page
Duane's Homepage : Computer Related
Wotsit's File Format Collection
Spinne News - INN Tuning Tips
FAQ about wu-ftpd
Jargon's driver site[Main]
Vi Editor Faq
Larry's Page home page
Prices: UB Networks
Operating Systems vs Filesystems - Connectivity Map
UNIX System Administration Handbook, 2nd Edition
Unix System Administrator's Resources
Steve's Homepage
IP Filter - TCP/IP Packet Filtering package
USAIL Self-Evaluation Tests
Time Server
[Project Mnemonic] - Welcome!
Rotherwall: The Proxies Page
Complete Intranet Resource - Intranet Reference Site
Window Managers for X
External Router vs Internal Card
Public NTP Time Servers home page
ISS: Sniffer FAQ
One of David Harley's home pages....
Merit Network GateDaemon Project
WEB Remote Admin Login
A Tcl/Tk and Expect Tutorial by Will Morse
Mgetty + Sendfax Documentation Centre
comp-unix-admin FAQ
A Guide to SNMP and CMIP
The Lymehouse Devoto Site - Netscape stuff
R870: Unix System Administration - A Survival Course
System Administration @ Sunsite
System Administration
Invisible Heroes/The life and times of sysadmins
Linux Administrators Security Guide (LASG)
"CALU Notes"


Sun Ripened Kernels - Surplus and Pre-loved Sun Microsystems equipment
Useful tools for Sun workstations and Solaris


The Sun Hardware Reference (Hypertext Edition) Main Page
Solaris 2 FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions for Comp.sys.sun.admin
FTP Directory:
SunWorld - The Solaris Security FAQ


Solaris 2.5 Freeware
Solaris 2.5 Freeware
FTP Directory:
Useful tools for Sun workstations and Solaris
Solaris Migration Initiative Home Page
Index of /pub/sun-info/sun-patches
SunService Public Patch Page
The Solaris Helpers Page

Sun Ripened Kernels - Surplus and Pre-loved Sun Microsystems equipment
Sun Managers Summaries Archives
SPARC International Homepage
SunWorld - Security
Australian SunSITE - Home Page
Welcome to
The Unofficial Guide to Solaris SPARCclassic/SPARCclassic X/SPARCstation LX Service Manual



Cafe Au Lait
Linux Java Tips and Hints Page
The Java Tutorial
The Java Tutorial
Brewing Java: A Tutorial


SunSITE@UTK - UTK Java SITE - Java Tools
Guavac home page
KAFFE - A virtual machine to run Java(tm)* code
The Java(tm) Developers Kit 1.0.2
FTP Directory:
Java packages for Red Hat Linux
Index of /~sbb/jdk-1.1.5

Netscape JDK 1.1 Update Support
Jeeves Home Page
Jeeves the Extendable HTTP Server
Java(tm) - Programming for the Internet
The Blackdown Organization
Java-Linux Latest Information
Java-Linux Ports
Java(tm) Binary Code License
Gamelan: Earthweb's Java Directory


Byron Network Services
Internet Mail Consortium
The ISP Resource Page
Telstra Domestic
Telstra International
AU Root Server Confederation (C)1997
the Internet Society of Australia
Internet Engineering Group
APNIC Info Service Home Page
IP Next Generation (IPng)
InterNIC Internet Documentation (RFC's, FYI's, etc.)
American Registry for Internet Numbers - Introduction
the Internet Society of Australia
COM.AU Home Page
Internet Society Home Page
Internet Software Consortium
Internet Industry Association of Australia
InterNIC Internet Documentation (RFC's, FYI's, etc.)
InterNIC Registration Services
Australian Internet Registry Internet Registration Services
Domain name registries around the world



Harker Systems - Home Page
Avian Research
Rainbow Diamond Security Tools - Download
V-One White Papers
Cisco Security
NCSA - National Computer Security Association
2600 Magazine
2600 | Bernie S URGENT
L0pht Heavy Industries
DigiCrime, Inc.
CERT Coordination Center
AUSCERT - Australian Computer Emergency Response Team
CIAC Bulletins



TIS Firewall Toolkit
The Firewall Toolkit FAQ
The TIS Firewall Toolkit
TIS Firewall Toolkit on Linux
FWTK - FAN Site - FAQ's - Announcements - NEWS --> By

PC Magazine -- Windows NT Firewalls Are Born (from PC Magazine, February 4, 1997)
CSRC NIST - Firewalls
Protecting the Fortress-LAN Times 4/29/96
The Eagle Firewall Family Product Line
Check Point FireWall-1 - Introduction
Secure Computing Firewall for NT: Overview
Cisco PIX Firewall Series
NMI Firewall White Paper
Firewall Comparison-LAN Times 6/17/96
Rating of application layer proxies Document number: AT-0008 Revision 2
Keep your site comfortably secure
Rotherwall: Firewall Papers
"Internet Tools: If you can reach them, they can reach you"
Firewall Performance Measuring Techniques
Firewalls FAQ (Rev 8, updated Sun Jan 7 23:13:54 1996)
NCSA Firewall Policy Guide Preface
Firewalls: Don't Get Burned
Can Firewalls Take the Heat?
Linux firewall facilities for kernel-level packet screening
LJ #25, May 1996: Creating a Linux Firewall
Great Circle Associates Internet Tutorials
The Rotherwick Firewall Resource - Point of Attack

Bugs & Exploits
A deadly ping program for those without Win '95
COAST Hotlist Main
A Security Page
Windows 95 and MSIE Security Hole
The Ping o' Death Page
Nasty Ping Problems
NT exploits mirror
Java / MSIE / Netscape Cache Exploit - Jan '97
The Ultimate Sendmail Hole List
HP Bug of the Week
-|-|-|-|-|-|- No More Secrets! -|-|-|-|-|-|-|-
Silicon Toad's Hacking Resources
QuantumX's Recognized Web Sites
Other Warez and Hacking Sites
Sendmail Exploits
SECTEC's Bugs & Exploits

Computer Security - Hacking and Hackers - AntiOnline
Security Papers -
Freefire Projekt Startpage, English, Bernd Eckenfels
So you want to spoof ICQ?
Fyodor's Exploit world
Fyodor's Good Reading List - hosted by
Work-Needing and Prospective Packages for Debian GNU/Linux
X-Force Search
Secure Networks Incorporated
NTBugtraq Home Page
CSI Editorial Archive
Fiona's Hacking Collection
Research Web Page
Spoofit Page
UNIX Security: the Buffer Overflow problem
Security under Linux : the Buffer Overflow Problem
Stack Smashing Security Vulnerabilities
NT and network security
Infilsec - Vulnerabilities - LATE BREAKING NEWS - Windows95/NT BUG!
Secant Computing Systems, Incorporated
SGI security Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
En Garde Systems, Inc. - SecureZone
Security Tools - Lemur.Org
Nomad Mobile Research Centre - Intrude
WWW Security FAQ
Henry's Pretty Good Security Page
CIAC Internet Hoaxes
System/Network Security
Security Publications from Other Organizations
Rainbow Series and Related Documents
Why Cryptography is harder than it looks...
CM's Hack Page!
Publications, Rants, Presentations, and Code
Security and Socks
Security and Hackerscene
Safe Internet Programming
Spoofit Page
Bugtraq Archives for July 1995 - present by thread
Matt's Unix Security Page
Hacking/Security Page
Hacking and Security Links
Security on the Net - hackers and Hacking
Open Security Solutions

Online Magazines

Salon | 21st
Apache Week
SunWorld - March - Table of Contents
JavaWorld - IDG's magazine for the Java community - April 1997
NetscapeWorld - February 1997
The Australian Online: Computers index
ZD Internet Megasite - Welcome!
LAN on the web
Data Communications Magazine
CBAN: Error 404
O'Reilly Online Bookstore
Front Page
THE List of Free Computer-Related Publications
Today on HotWired!
Australian Personal Computer magazine
Welcome to Internet Australasia
UnixWorld Online Magazine Home Page


Index of /~airlied/pam_smb
Index of /script/python/smbvalid
SAMBA Digest Archive - August 1994: HP Laserjet 4 printing (Postscript)
LJ #7, November 1994: Samba - Unix Talking with PC's
Samba Server HOWTO
SAMBA Web Pages



Outlook Developers Resource Center
Exchange Formulas
Slipstick Systems Exchange Center
The Microsoft Exchange Forum - Peer Support for the Exchange Server Professional


Downloads: Microsoft Windows NT Services for UNIX
MSDN Online Library
ActiveState Tool Corp. - Professional tools for Perl developers
Welcome to! The best 32-bit Shareware, Drivers, Tips, and Information on the Internet! Windows NT Virtual Desktop Managers
TUCOWS Australasia Affiliates!
NONAGS Freeware Shareware World Center


INFO: CreateProcessAsUser, Windowstations and Desktops
Overcoming User32.dll Initialization Failure Errors

White Papers
Windows NT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Password Recovery Software -
TCP Connection May Drop When Transferring Large Amounts of Data
Hotfix Control 1.0
Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 versus UNIX
How to make one NT service dependent on another
Perl & Windows NT
demoroniser - correct moronic and gratuitously incompatible Microsoft HTML
Network Administration Tools: NT + More
Welcome to the Official LiteSTEP Homepage
Welcome to the Microsoft Exchange Forum
Gates, Netscape & the Governments
Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 versus UNIX
NT Security Suggestions
Somarsoft - Windows NT Security Issues
How to Create Internet Site with Windows NT only
Windows NT Frequently Asked Questions
Windows Device Drivers At WinDrivers.Com
Stroud's Consummate Internet Apps List
TUCOWS World Wide Affiliate Site Locations
NT Internals
Stroud's CWSApps List - Main Menu - The 32 Bit Software Archive
Systems Internals
Web and File Server Comparison: Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 and Red Hat Linux 5.2 Updated
Linux Weekly News, Mindcraft survey
Microsoft TechNet - Year 2000
Microsoft Windows NT High Availability Operations Guide: Implementing Systems for Reliability and Availability : [Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0, Reliability, Availability, operations, deployment.]
SawMan's Consortium


The International PGP Home Page
SSLeay: SSLeay and SSLapps FAQ
Snake Oil Warning Signs: Encryption Software to Avoid
Welcome to VeriSign's Website
Digital ID Center
International PGP FAQ
The International PGP Home Page
Quadralay Cryptography Archive
Directory of /pub/crypto/pgp
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Security and Encryption:PGP - Pretty Good Privacy:FAQs

User Groups

AUUG - The Australian UNIX and Open Systems Users Group
SAGE-AU Home Page
AUUG - Web Home


The International Exchange Rates
The Universal Currency Converter(tm)
How to convert your word processing files to Postscript format
HTML Converters
Directory of /computing/information-systems/www/tools/translators
HTML converters
HTML Document Conversion And Formatting: Title Page
rtftohtml A Filter to Translate RTF to HTML - Title
Text to HTML converter
WebMaker (TM)
WebMaker(TM) Product Information
Garbo Windows collection
RTF-Tools -- RTF software and documentation
Wp2Html Home Page
HTML Transit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Storing sent mail on IMAP4 server
The cause of the error.log message, "method without uri"
How do I set up a filter to stop relayed mail?
Steps to reinstall binaries but not lose the spool
Add user fails when Calendar server is configured to talk to a Directory consumer.
Directory Error Message: "Can't synchronize replica"


Directory Server Information and Support
Messaging Server Information and Support
Enterprise Server Information and Support
Proxy Server Information and Support
Calendar Server Information and Support
Compass Server Information and Support
Mission Control Product Information and Support
Netscape Server Product Documentation
File Library


Netscape Compass Server
Compass Server 3.0 Developer's Guide
Compass Server 3.0 Quick Start Guide

DevEdge Online - Newsgroups
Planning Replication
DevEdge Online - FAQs
DevEdge Online: Documentation
Netscape Mission Control Guide
Netscape Directory SDK: Source Code Release
JavaScript Reference
Unofficial Netscape Proxy Server Page
Netscape Directory Failover for Suitespot products
Index of /eng/server/
Proxy Client Autoconfig File Format
DevEdge Online - JavaScript
File Library
Netscape Calendar Server 3.5 - README
Netscape Calendar Server 3.5 - Release Notes
Netscape DevEdge Online - Understanding Deployment
Netscape Mission Control Guide
Remote Control of UNIX Netscape



mod_perl_tuning - mod_perl performance tuning
Mod_perl_faq - frequently asked questions about mod_perl ($Date: 2004/04/18 02:58:27 $)
mod_perl_to_cgi - First steps needed to use mod_perl as a CGI replacement
Apache/Perl Integration Project
Mod Perl Developer's Mini Guide
Cute Tricks With Perl and Apache


perlfaq - frequently asked questions about Perl
The WWW Security FAQ
Perl for Win32 FAQ
Perl tutorial: Start
The #perl FAQ


CGI Resources - a Perl5 CGI Library
A CGI Programmer's Reference
The Common Gateway Interface Specification
Nuthin' but Links Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
The CGI Resource Index
The Idiot's Guide to Solving Perl CGI Problems
CGI Security

The Perl Study Forum
DBI - A Database Interface Module for perl5
Perl: the challenges ahead - SunWorld - August 1997
FTP Directory:
Dale Bewley's Perl Scripts and Links
The Perl Programming Language
phf prober perl script
Welcome to
Bo Larsson's Internet Server Software
Dale Bewley's Perl Scripts and Links
PERL Information Archives
Matt's Script Archive
Stevie: Home Page
The Perl Programming Language
The Perl Language Home Page
Index of /~mjd/perl/Hello
LinuxPlanet - Tutorials - Setting Up a MySQL Based Website - Part I - Introduction


mysql Documentation Home Page
SQL Tutorial
MySQL Page
DevShed - Beginning MySQL Tutorial
DevShed - MySQL Administration
MySQL Reference Manual for version 3.23.3-alpha. - Table of Contents
DevShed - MySQL



Index of /~hsf/sources/mod_auth_sys
Using Server Side Includes
Apache Quick Reference Card
Apache Module Registry
Apache Week
Apache interface to SSLeay (mod_ssl), Title
CVS Module for Apache
mod_auth_pam.c, pluggable authentication (PAM) for Apache
CVS Module for Apache
Comanche Project
mod_ssl: Title Page
Apache LDAP Authentication module
mod_auth_pam.c, pluggable authentication (PAM) for Apache


The JavaScript Index v3.0
A very basic JavaScript tutorial
JavaScript tutorial
Javascript Tutorial/Web Developer
JavaScript Reference
JScript Web Page
JavaScript tutorial
Cut-N-Paste JavaScript
24 Hour - Welcome/Login

Blocking Banner ads with Squid
WWWWAIS Documentation
SWISH Documentation
Best Viewed With Any Browser
Openscape Group
Virtual Domains
Sizing up your Web server - SunWorld - October 1997
WWW Access
Count 2.3 example page
Extensible Markup Language (XML)
The HTML Guru!
Web Counters and Trackers (Access Counters for Web Sites) (Free Counters; web site auditing)
WWW Homepage Access Counter
Cookie Jar- Control which servers can get your cookies!
CAST: Bobby
Web Developer's Library
The Web Robots FAQ
The WDVL: The Virtual Library of WWW Development
The WDG's Web Authoring FAQ
Object Header lines in HTTP
Boa webserver
Unofficial Netscape FAQ
EWS Product Information
ht://Dig -- Internet search engine software
Webmonkey - Subject Index
Elsop's Webmaster Resource Center
Rutgers WWW-Security Index page
IETF - Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Working Group
Investigation of World Wide Web Use by Government Agencies in Western Australia
Guidelines for Robot Writers
The Web Robots Pages
Weblint Home Page
the reboot annex
Troop 486 Webmaster's Page
The WWW Security FAQ
W3C - The World Wide Web Consortium
NCSA Mosaic Home Page
The HTML Writers Guild Website
The World Wide Web-tools for aspiring web weavers
Elements of HTML Style
GLOVER.COM - The Web Site & Pages of Jeffrey M. Glover
Web Stuff
Anthony's Icon Library
Composing Good HTML (Version 2.0.5)
World Wide Web FAQ
The Web Masters Source Page
Configuring and Testing a PERL Script with IIS
Guido's Linux® Home-page


w3m homesite


MSWordView, MSWord 8 converter for unix
catdoc - free MS-Word reader
Word2x - MSWord to HTML, LaTeX and text converter


SWISH-Enhanced - Digital Library SunSITE
MailServ mailing list gateway
MRTG-2.5: The Multi Router Traffic Grapher
The Mutt E-Mail Client
The Big Brother System & Network Monitor
wreq doc
BB Mailing List
Gated on Linux: A developing guide on how to make the source compatible
Squid Internet Object Cache
Apache Module Registry
Ssh (Secure Shell) Home Page
Ssh (Secure Shell) FAQ - Frequently asked questions
The Big Brother System & Network Monitor
Fortify for Netscape - Home Page
SWISH Documentation
Big Brother Unix Network Monitoring System
Obtuse Smtpd/Smtpfwdd
The LWGate Home Page
The Big Brother Unix Network Monitor
Internet Tools Summary
IPRoute (PC shareware router)
IP Filter - TCP/IP Packet Filtering package
IPRoute (PC shareware router)
The IMAP Connection
qmail: a replacement for sendmail
Sendmail Home Page
Squid Internet Object Cache
mod_dav: a DAV module for Apache
Cheops Network User Interface
Fetchmail Home Page
Secure Syslog
The tircproxy home page
DNi admin tool
The Mutt E-Mail Client
The Diald Home Page
MRTG: The Multi Router Traffic Grapher

SSL Enabling Inetd
VNC - Virtual Network Computing from ORL
Software Archive
Free X server for Windows and Mac
AtDot E-Mail Services
The Nessus Project
Abacus Sentry
Kodak DC20 Secrets (Part I)
IMP news
rpmfind : the rpm2html client tool - Perl/GTK Slashdot news ticker
LAOLA Homepage, Sep/23/97
GNU cfengine - Table of Contents
Deception ToolKit
Nexus Computing - XfreeCD
The Wine (Windows Emulator) FAQ
The Xlogmaster V1.2.2
TTSSH: An SSH Extension to Teraterm
GNUPG - The GNU Privacy Guard
txt2html - Text to HTML converter
LDS: Downloadables
Ministry of Truth Home
The GUI Toolkit, Framework Page
Amanda, The Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver
Linuxconf project
WineDoc Home
ePerl: Title Page
Virtual Network Computing from ORL
MySQL by T.c.X. DataKonsultAB
Home of The Webalizer
Internet Software: DNEWS NNTP News Server - Add1DB Web Database
X Swallow, Plugin for Unix Netscape
NeTraMet Release Note
Linbot: Home
Procmail Spam Filter: "The Spam Bouncer"
wwwstat: HTTPd Logfile Analysis Software
Welcome to Webbin' CMIP
Unofficial Netscape FAQ
Clean up your Web pages with HTML TIDY
VNC - Virtual Network Computing from AT&T Laboratories Cambridge
Spreadsheet - xxl
Alien package converter
Wine Development HQ
Obsidian Systems
AMaViS - A Mail Virus Scanner



Action Quake2!
Half-Life --> Starcraft Total Conversion
|-r a d i u m-| The Half Life Map Center
Quake 3 Arena
Running a Half-Life server



Greg and David's C64 Web page
The Almighty C64
64 Music & Related Items
SIDPLAY Home Page / Availability

My Boot: movie theater
Index of /~kirlchon/
The Variety Ad
Backlight Home - Images and Movies of Special Relativity
Boycott Microsoft
Lightning Tracker
Server Uptimes
Homepage of Zynthaxx / Siders
Welcome to Bigfoot
CyberAngels Internet Safety Organization
CyberAngels People Search OnLine
The Seinfeldiest Site on the Web!
Introduction to Stars! - The Premiere Space Strategy Conquest Game
Welcome to HoTMaiL
X-Mame home page
Anne McCaffrey's Pern
Index of /~davids/u2-brisbane
Index of /~davids/bjej-brisbane
The International Exchange Rates Table
Open Source Software Reading
Talisman 2nd Edition Hints, Suggestions, and Strategies
Stick Figure Death Theatre
Bradley's Excite Channel
James Jessiman's Unofficial LEGO® Pages.
Hotel Reservations in Brisbane. Save up to 60%!
State of Oregon vs Randal Schwartz computer security case
# LiCe Homepage


Welcome to Magic: Australia
Curtin & Lippert Collectibles
The Official Magic: The Gathering Home Page
Microprose Magic: the Gathering Bug List
The Organized Comprehensive Magic: The Gathering Resource List

ZOMBIES rule most of BELGIUM!
Eric Raymond's Home Page
S y s t e m - O p t i m i z a t i o n - I n f o r m a t i o n
Scott's Tutorial Hotlist
Time Server
Brads World Wide Web Page!
This is Jim's Home Page!
Graeme's Page and Links Part One
Controzzi Andrea


The Official Babylon Park Homepage
s w e e e t . c o m
South Park Down Under
South Park Archive
South Park Central - The #1 South Park Site On The NET!

WhatsUp - The Original Network Monitoring Tool for Windows by Ipswitch
Blocking mailed spam
ToT: Volunteer Projects Page
Games Workshop
The Hack FAQ
Salon | 21st
Nomad Mobile Research Centre
Join the fight against geek oppression!
Calamaris Home Page
Jgaa's Internet
Qvwm Home Page
WWDSI's Saint Information
The Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything
Cfengine and rsync
Smart UPS Tools
War FTP Daemon Interview: Larry Wall
Frank's Compware Home Page
Pop Fresh's Screen Mate Page!
Dave's Video Game Classics
Netmaster 10baseT is in the house
SETI@home: Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home
SETI@home: Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home
TransInfo: Public Timetable Information for SEQ
Geek Gourmet - a Compendium of Geek-Inspired Recipes
Community Aid Abroad Sydney Office - Network Details


Don't Spread that Hoax!
SR News: New Hoaxes: Deeyenda, Penpal, and Red Alert
CIAC Internet Hoaxes
Hoax alerts
It’s the End of the World (as we know it)

Project Management

GanttChartGenerator/Work Load Tracker
DJT - The gantt chart solution for Java and Swing
EOB: Gantt Chart
Gantt Chart


Cyclic Software


Lightning Tracker


PDI Product Developers Information

Personal Toolbar Folder


Kernel Traffic
Linux Weekly News

User Friendly
RC5-64 Stats
Blue's News
Timesheet Welcome

Australian Securities Commission, ASC, Australian Company Names, Australian Business Names, The Company People Pty. Ltd.
ATMOSS - Australian Trade Mark Online Search System
TekMetrics, 123Assess, employment assessments delivered over the web!