System Authentication using LDAP
My Adventures through RFC2307

Brad Marshall

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System Authentication using LDAP

More and more users into network
Needed centralized authentication solution
Wanted to integrate easily with existing network

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Options for Authentication


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Custom scripts
Replicating password files

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Plugged In is a Java development consulting business
See ``Linux in a Commercial Environment'' - SAGE-AU'98
Everyone has a Linux box
Everyone has an account on all boxes

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What is LDAP

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
Directory service (RFC1777)
Stores attribute based data
Optimized for reading
Hierarchical data structure
Client-server model
Consistent view of data
Based on entries

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LDAP Structure

Entries referenced by distinguished name - DN (RFC1779)
Can be referenced by relative distinguished name - RDN
Top level or base (RFC2377)
Object class

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What is LDIF

LDAP Data Interchange Format
ldbmcat converts ldbm database to ldif
ldif2ldbm converts ldif back to ldbm database

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Example User Schema

dn: uid=bmarshal,ou=People,dc=pisoftware,dc=com
uid: bmarshal
cn: Brad Marshall
objectclass: account
objectclass: posixAccount
objectclass: top
loginshell: /bin/bash
uidnumber: 500
gidnumber: 120
homedirectory: /mnt/home/bmarshal
gecos: Brad Marshall,,,,
userpassword: {crypt}KDnOoUYN7Neac

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Example Group Schema

dn: cn=sysadmin,ou=Group,dc=pisoftware,dc=com
objectclass: posixGroup
objectclass: top
cn: sysadmin
gidnumber: 160
memberuid: bmarshal
memberuid: dwood
memberuid: jparker

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Search filters

Criteria for attributes
Directory base to search
Prefix notation


See RFC2254 for more details

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Describes data layout
People in ou=People
Groups in ou=Group

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Uses RFC2307
Applications query LDAP server


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Library calls

Library calls as defined by RFC2307
getpwnam() (&(objectClass=posixAccount)(uid=%s))
getpwuid() (&(objectClass=posixAccount)
getpwent() (objectClass=posixAccount)

getspnam() (&(objectClass=shadowAccount)(uid=%s))
getspent() (objectClass=shadowAccount)

getgrnam() (&(objectClass=posixGroup)(cn=%s))
getgrgid() (&(objectClass=posixGroup)
getgrent() (objectClass=posixGroup)

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Used PADLs MigrationTools
Can migrate
Initially migrated

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LDAP Server architecture

LDAP daemon called slapd

Replication daemon called slurpd

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Server Configuration: slapd.conf


include /etc/openldap/
include /etc/openldap/slapd.oc.conf
schemacheck off

pidfile /var/run/
argsfile /var/run/slapd.args

defaultaccess read

access to attr=userpassword
by self write
by * read

access to *
by self write
by dn=".+" read
by * read

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Server Configuration: slapd.conf cont

/etc/openldap/slapd.conf cont

database ldbm
suffix "dc=pisoftware, dc=com"
rootdn "cn=Manager, dc=pisoftware, dc=com"
rootpw {crypt}lAn4J@KmNp9
bindmethod=simple credentials=d0nTe1l
replogfile /var/lib/openldap/replication.log

directory /var/lib/openldap/

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Client Configuration: ldap.conf


BASE dc=pisoftware,dc=com
HOST ldap
pam_crypt local

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Client Configuration: PAM


auth sufficient /lib/security/
auth required /lib/security/ shadow nullok try_first_pass
auth required /lib/security/
account sufficient /lib/security/
account required /lib/security/
password required /lib/security/
password sufficient /lib/security/
password required /lib/security/ shadow nullok use_authtok
session sufficient /lib/security/
session required /lib/security/

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Client Configuration: nsswitch.conf


passwd: ldap files
shadow: ldap files
group: ldap files

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ldappasswd -W -D 'uid=bmarshal,ou=People,dc=pisoftware,dc=com' 'uid=bmarshal'

ldapmodify -W -r -D "cn=Manager,dc=pisoftware,dc=com" < bmarshal.ldif

where bmarshal.ldif is ldapsearch -L 'uid=bmarshal'

ldapsearch -L 'uid=*'
ldapsearch -L 'objectclass=posixGroup'
ldapsearch -L 'objectclass=posixAccount'
ldapsearch -D 'uid=bmarshal,ou=People,dc=pisoftware,dc=com' -W -L 'uid=bmarshal'

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Future Directions


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Some learning curve
Definately worth it
Much easier to
Lots of expansion potential
Saves having multiple authentication databases

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Useful Urls


UMich LDAP Server -

OpenLDAP -

SLAPD and SLURPD Admin Guide -

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RFC1777 - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

RFC1779 - A String Representation of Distinguished Names

RFC2254 - The String Representation of LDAP Search Filters

RFC2377 - Naming Plan for Internet Directory-Enabled Applications

RFC2307 - An Approach for Using LDAP as a Network Information Service

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