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Adding more fonts and remote syslog for Tektronix xterms


After a brief tussle with these old xterms, I've managed to
get them to use more fonts.  To do this:

1) Create a directory and copy all desired fonts there

2) Gunzip the fonts, and compress them using compress (so
they have a .Z suffix).  Compress is available in the debian
package ncompress

3) Run mkfontdir in the font directory

4) Create a fonts.tbl file in /system/tekxp/boot/config with
a line that points to the directory where the fonts are

5) Reboot and enjoy more fonts
To get these xterms doing remote syslog to a host:

1) Add (or create) /system/tekxp/boot/config/xp.cnf file with the following lines:

	enable_remote_logging  YES
	loghost                ""
	logfacility            "LOG_LOCAL0"
	logpriority            "LOG_INFO"

The logfacility and logpriority will default to the values
given if you don't add them

2) Ensure that the host specified has syslogd started with -r

3) Reboot for remote syslog fun.

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