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Various Solaris package and patch commands


Below is a random list of commands / ways of doing things under Solaris
I've picked up while installing stuff on the Sun box.

o List patches applied:
    # patchadd -p

o To apply a patch
    Untar the patch tar.Z
    # patchadd <dir>

o To add a package
    # pkgadd -d <package file>

o To add a package in tar format
    # tar xvfz package.tar.Z
    # pkgadd -d .

  This will ask you which packages in the
  current directory you wish to install.

o To remove a package
    # pkgrm <package>

o To get info on a package
    # pkginfo -x <package>
    # pkginfo -l <package>

o To list all installed packages
    # pkginfo

o To find out which package a file is in
    # grep <file> /var/sadm/install/contents

o To find out what files are in a package
    # grep <package> /var/sadm/install/contents

o To find out what runlevel you're in
    # who -r

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