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Re: Freeswan Configuration

On Thu, Mar 21, 2002 at 02:27:02PM +1000, Bradley Marshall wrote:
> 4) DNS issues
> The best way to allow DNS resolution of machines in the office network
> is to run a local name server, and add the following to
> /etc/bind/named.conf.  This will make any requests for the office DNS
> zones to be forwarded off to morris.  Note this will only work when
> the VPN is up, for obvious reasons.

Note that this only works for the road warrior configuration.  To
allow a DNS server that's on the freeswan end point in a subnet to
subnet configuration to see these zones, you need to add the following
to your named.conf options{} section:

  listen-on {;; };
  query-source address port *;

where is the ip of the local ethernet device.  This will
force any queries going out to use the local address, rather than

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