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Printing to a HP Officejet d145 via JetDirect

Hi all,

After some amounts of self-torture, we've managed to get
the HP OfficeJet d145 to print.  The correct ghostscript
driver to use is DJ9xxVIP - this was obtained by looking at
http://hpinkjet.sourceforge.net/productssupported.php and

The filtering system used was apsfilter.  Simply install it, and
run apsfilterconfig.  The settings used were as follows:

   (1)     Printer Driver Selection                [hpijs/DJ9xxVIP]
   (2)     Interface Setup                         [network]
   (3)     Paper Format                            [letter]
   (4)     Printing Quality                        [medium]
   (5)     Color Mode                              [full]
   (6)     Print Resolution in "dots per inch"     [300x300]
   (7)     Default Printing Method                 [auto]

This produced the following in /etc/printcap:


|Brad Marshall                    |           Plugged In Software|
|Senior Systems Administrator     |     http://www.pisoftware.com|
|mailto:bmarshal@pisoftware.com   |  GPG Key Id: 47951BD0 / 1024b|
 Fingerprint:  BAE3 4794 E627 2EAF 7EC0  4763 7884 4BE8 4795 1BD0