Unix-Like Windows

Some of us are forced to use Windows at work or at home. I've found some programs to make life under Windows a little easier.
Program Description
Litestep A NeXT-Step like window manager - includes virtual pager
Cygnus GNU Win32 A collection of GNU utilities, including bash, gcc, tcl/tk, and many others
Perl ActivePerl The Perl programming language
Tera Term Pro
Tera Term extensions for SSH
A decent telnet client, with ssh extensions. Open source.
Vim Vim - Vi Improved - a vi clone
Netscape Navigator Netscape Navigator - includes web browser and a email and news client
WAR FTP Daemon Decent looking ftp daemon for Wint95/NT - GPLed!
EditPad Good Notepad replacement editor - postcardware.
File Sync Syncronization utility - useful for comparing directories, down to the byte level
RC5 / DES distributed.net Uses idle cpu time to try and break RC5 / DES encryption
Redhat Linux
Debian Linux
Linux - my preferred operating system

If you have any comments, or know of any other programs like these, please mail me at brad.marshall@member.sage-au.org.au
Note - none of these recommendations is by any means a formal approval of these programs by me - use at own risk.