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Upgrade of Lineo VPN Router

Hi all,

I've just finished upgrading the Lineo SecureEdge VPN router.   It
really wasn't that hard, and I think the SnapGear that we're looking
at for the US office will be similar.  The steps were:

o Download the kernel from ftp://ftp.lineo.com/pub/secureedge/images/x86/
     (kernel.recover-20010601.tgz at time of writing)
o Download the flash.bin from ftp://ftp.lineo.com/pub/secureedge/images/2580
     (ne2580_v153_20010803_flash.bin at time of writing)
o Ensure you have a tftpd on the machine running dhcpd
o Put the kernel downloaded into /tftpboot/kernel
o Put the flash image downloaded into /tftpboot/flash.bin
o Hold down the reset switch on the little router until it resets

This should reboot it, get an ip from the dhcp server and start
flashing.  It should be possible to point the tftp to another server,
but it wasn't necessary in this case.

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