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Backing up atlas over the network

Hi all,

I'm trying to backup atlas to a local disk inside the office.  To do
this I'm creating an ssh port forward on atlas to carmack, and using
dump and nc to get the data in the right location, as follows:

$ ssh conveyancing -R 2000:localhost:2001

At this point telnetting to port 2000 on conveyancing was getting a
permisison denied, and the following message in syslog:

Jul  5 10:10:54 conveyancing sshd[23363]: error: Fwd connection from
localhost to local port sshdfwd-2000 refused by tcp_wrappers.

I added the following line to /etc/hosts.allow to fix this.

ALL: localhost

This might bite us at some point if we need to do port forwarding

On the local box (carmack, in this case), do the following:

$ nc -l -p 2001 > conveyancing.sda3

Then you can start the dump back on conveyancing:

$ sudo dump -0auf - /dev/sda3 | nc localhost 2000 

To restore from the file, do something like:

$ restore -if conveyancing.sda3

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