Updates To Publications

10/04/2005 Added links to various useful blog entries in appropriate categories.
27/08/2004 Added PuTTY Notes.
01/07/2004 Added admin php scripts to Mailman scripts.
27/06/2004 Added HTTP::Recorder notes, essentially the script to use for the proxy, and Mailman scripts.
10/05/2004 Added Intro to MRTG, covering how to graph details from both local and remote servers without using SNMP.
16/03/2004 Added Perl-PHP Rosetta Stone, covering how to do various things in Perl and PHP.
12/02/2004 Added PHP notes about how to do various things in PHP.
10/02/2004 Added Apache auth, notes about requiring passwords for an untrusted network only.
30/01/2004 Added Perl Mailbox Manipulation, a brief intro into using Mail::Box to manipulate mailboxes.
28/01/2004 Added MacOSX 10.3 AD Authentication, a description of setting up a Mac OS X 10.3 box to authenticate from Active Directory.
11/01/2004 Added An ADSL Router using FreeBSD, a description of setting up a FreeBSD machine as an ADSL router.
09/01/2004 Added Introduction to Bitlbee, a IRC to various chat network gateway.
03/01/2004 Added FreeBSD Notes, brief notes I'm keeping while learning FreeBSD.

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