Updates To Publications 2003

13/12/2003 Added Sending Mail the Net::SMTP Way, an introduction to sending email in Perl using Net::SMTP.
11/12/2003 Added Apache Redirection, an introduction to using Apache's mod_proxy and mod_rewrite.
16/11/2003 Added Introduction To Using Databases With Perl, a basic introduction to using Perl DBI.
30/10/2003 Added OpenSSL Certificates, notes on how to create a CA with OpenSSL and sign a IIS cert request.
29/10/2003 Updated MS SFU LDAP Auth to include details about getting Solaris' ldapclient to work.
27/10/2003 Added CD copying notes, on how to duplicate audio cds.
18/10/2003 Added SSH port forward notes, notes about how to port forward for random services, such as RDP and VNC.
13/10/2003 Added MS SFU LDAP Auth, notes about how to get PADLs pam_ldap and nss_ldap to auth against Active Directory with SFU extensions.
6/10/2003 Updated Dell Inspiron 8000 notes to include 2.6 kernel config.
Updated Winbind notes to include details about Solaris, Samba 3.0.0 and joining Active Directory domains.
25/8/2003 Added notes on Nokia Ringtones
6/8/2003 Added links to LDAP Theory and LDAP Applications tutorials given at SAGE-AU 2003.
2/8/2003 Added links to for published versions of articles
29/7/2003 Added Tru64 and Solaris notes
15/7/2003 Added and OpenSSH interoperability
13/6/2003 Updated Samba PDC notes to include details on ldap backend
30/5/2003 Added Book Library, a simple database based book library.
4/5/2003 Added Bofh Notes, emails about various issues I've dealt with.
24/4/2003 Tidied up links, added LaTeX src to LDAP tute given at SAGE-AU 2002.
15/4/2003 Added Random Notes.
10/4/2003 Added Virtual Machines Under Linux presentation.
25/3/2003 Added dates for articles, thanks to
21/3/2003 Updated A Newbies Guide to Unix Security and Dell Inspiron 8000 Debian Linux Setup.

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