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Domain name weirdness

Hi all,

If on a host there doesn't appear to be a domain name set, check
/etc/hosts.  You should find an entry, either in the line or
on a line of its own for the hostname.  Either make sure its got a
domain name, or remove the host completely.

>From the dnsdomainname(1) man page:

       You  can't  change  the  FQDN  (as  returned  by hostname
       --fqdn) or the DNS domain name (as returned by dnsdomainname)
       with this command. The FQDN of the system is the  name  that
       the resolver(3) returns for the host name.

       Technically:  The  FQDN  is  the name gethostbyname(2)
       returns for the host name returned by gethostname(2).
       The DNS domain name is the part after the first dot.

       Therefore it depends on the configuration (usually in
       /etc/host.conf) how you can change it.  Usually (if the
       hosts file is parsed before DNS or NIS) you can change it
       in /etc/hosts.

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