Brad's Publications


Bofh Notes
Notes about various sysadmin tasks.
PHP Notes
Notes about PHP and how to do various things.
Bridging Firewall
Notes about building a bridging firewall under Debian.
Samba PDC
Notes about Samba PDCs and joining various MS OSs to the domain.
Useful Command Linux stuff
Random useful command line stuff.
Notes on how to get winbind working under Debian against Win2k. and OpenSSH Interoperability
Notes on how to get and openssh interoperating.
Ssh port forward tricks
Notes on how to use ssh port forwards to access stuff (ie VNC and RDP) behind a firewall.
Tru64 and Solaris notes
Notes about Solaris and Tru64
MS SFU 3.0 LDAP Auth
Notes about how to auth against Active Directory with SFU extensions, using PADLs nss_ldap and pam_ldap, and Solaris' ldapclient.
OpenSSL Certificates
Notes about how to create an OpenSSL CA and sign a IIS cert request.
Notes about HTTP::Recorder, a Perl module to record HTTP actions and generate a WWW::Mechanize script
Nokia Ringtones notes
Notes about getting ringtones onto a Nokia 6310i (or similar)
Copying CDs
Notes about duplicating an audio cd - make sure it's legal though
Dumping Sun ONE Directory Server Changelog to LDIF
Notes on how to dump a Sun Directory Server changelog out to LDIF
Subversion and Apache 2
Notes on getting Subversion working with Apache.
Tru64 Users and C2 Security
Notes about how to deal with Tru64 users with C2 security enabled.

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