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Setting up an Intranet Router - The Beginning

This article was written for Security section, and published on the 27th of September, 1999. It covers the concepts of an Linux based intranet router, valid services to run, and much more.

Basic Intranet Configuration

This article was written for Security section, and published on the 10th of October, 1999. It covers basic router configuration, ip masquerading, and basic DNS administration.

Applications for a Intranet Router

This is a unpublished article, that was intended to continue the series about intranet routers. It covers a few of the basic applications you may want to run on a router, such as DHCP and Junkbuster.

A Case Study in Website Management
This is an overview of the procedures Plugged In Software uses to manage client and internal websites, given at SAGE-AU 2001.
A Newbies Guide to Security
This covers a basic newbie security guide, and has things to check after install. Written in January 2003.
Introduction to Bitlbee
This is a basic introduction to Bitlbee, a IRC to other chat network gateway. It supports other chat networks such as AIM, ICQ, Jabber and MSN. Written in early January 2004.
An ADSL Router using FreeBSD
This article covers how to upgrade a FreeBSD box and set it up as an ADSL router for an internal network, including how to firewall and do port forwards. Written in January 2004.

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