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Linux in a commercial environment

This paper was presented to SAGE-AU '98 on Thursday 9th July, and to SAGE-QLD on 15th February 1998.

A Brief History of Linux

This article covers a brief history of Linux, what platforms it runs under, and mentions a few different distributions.

Multilink PPP under Linux

This is a brief description of how I got multilink PPP working under RedHat 5.2

Linux Clustering - Advanced Topics

This article covers advanced topics in clustering such as virtual servers, and high availability, and was published in Sysadmin section on 25th April 2001 an d in September 2001 edition of SAGE Advice

Debian Packages and Boot Loaders
This article covers creating Debian kernel packages, and how to configure grub and lilo. Written in March 2002 and published in March 2002 SAGE Advice.
Introduction to IPSec
This article covers what IPSec is, and some scenarios for deploying it, based on Linux's FreeSWAN implementation. Written in June 2002 and published in June 2002 SAGE Advice.
Introduction to PAM

This article covers what PAM is, and covers some example modules. Written in July 2001.

Virtual Machines under Linux
This presentation covers virtual machines under Linux, focusing on User Mode Linux and mentioning VMWare and Wine. It was given at the SAGE-AU Queensland Chapter meeting on 10th April, 2003.
Intro to MRTG
This article covers a basic introduction to graphing with MRTG - without using SNMP - both of local and remote servers. Written in May 2004 and published in June 2004 SAGE Advice.
Terraria Server under Ubuntu
This is a brief description of how to setup a Terraria server under Ubuntu. Written in September 2014.

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